Il mio diario digitale sulla città di Modena

by Stefania Fregni

Benvenuto sul mio blog dedicato alla mia splendida città. Seguimi, ti porterò con me alla scoperta di Modena.

About me


My name is Stefania Fregni.
I was born and grown up in Modena.

I work in the field of digital communication since some years (this is my personal web site).
I am deeply fascinated by this world so much that I have made it become, as well as a job, a way of life.
A real passion.
A passion that bring me to show you my city through the web.

I love to communicate and share the good things that I meet on my way.
Those things that I think you can appreciate and consider useful because you are curious to discover the world like me.

And so, I thought… why not start talking about “my Modena”?

The territory from which we come from can say a lot about us. And so Modena does with me.

It welcomed me, it shaped me, it gave me the gene of the “good life” and the one of “tortellino” 🙂

Sometimes we quarreled a little bit because I thought it was too narrow for my big dreams.
I have considered several times to fly away, but in the end I’m still here.
I do not know if it will be forever, but I know that I want to tell this story now.
Through my photos, my thoughts, my experiences, what I like to do, what I know well, what I discovered for the first time me too.

This is a shared story.
It’s my story, it’s your story, my city’s story, 
the story of its citizens, the story of everyone.

A story that waits only to be followed!