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MYMENU: a certainty for the home meal delivery service in Modena

Collaborations, Modena just a click away - Stefania Fregni - December 5, 2017


As I told before several times, I go crazy for digital services, Apps or websites, that can improve our daily life and make us experience new things. So, when I find a new one in the city, I try it immediately and, if I like, it I write about it!
I even also dedicated to this theme a category of the blog, “Modena just a click away”, because I hope that services that can help us to live our cities in a better way can become more and more numerous. After all, how it is practical to pay for parking from our smartphone or wait comfortably at home for our favorite food or shopping ?! 😉
Some time ago I discovered MYMENU, the home meal delivery service that gives us the opportunity to taste comfortably some of our favorite dishes directly at home (or in our office), as if you were at the restaurant. I tell you now my experience.

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I tried Cortilia, the first online agricultural market, available also in Modena

Modena just a click away - Stefania Fregni - October 6, 2016


You know when you hear about something that makes you curious so much to say “sooner or later I’ll try it”? Well, it has happened to me with Cortilia.
I found out about this service few time ago and since then I have always postponed to test it when I finally decided.

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