My digital diary about Modena

by Stefania Fregni

Welcome to my blog about my beautiful city :) Follow the diary, I'll bring you ti discover Modena.

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Tigella is a state of mind

Food & Drink, Francesca Gonzales - The Foodie - Francesca Gonzales - September 10, 2019


Tigelle are a state of mind, a way of life, they are in the DNA of Emilian people but especially of Modenese ones.

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Let’s know Francesca Gonzales, the first My Modena diary’s friend

My Diary's friends, Stories of Modena - Stefania Fregni - November 9, 2015


When I dreamed about creating My Modena Diary project, I never expected to pick up immediatly “on board” someone else. Of course I’ve always thought that working in team is inspiring and motivating. I have always worked with teams. I don’t remember a project in which I was completely alone. I was grown up with the teamwork culture, I’ve played volleyball for most of my life and in this game team is everything.

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