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Gourmet burgers in Modena: 10 places to eat this speciality

Food & Drink, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - March 11, 2018


Lately I’m obsessed by the burgers! 😉 Probably the reason is to be found in my decision to write this article on this matter or because burgers are always very appetizing. In recent months, I have collected different lunches and dinners in some different places of the city where it’s possible to eat this lovely dish. Here, you can find the result of my “hard” work (;)): my list of 10 places where to eat gourmet burgers in Modena.

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5 shades of Modena: a tour of Modena to discover 5 different experiences

Collaborations, My personal lists, Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - January 23, 2018

Have you ever wondered what character has your city?  Do you think it is possible to identify its different distinctive features? I think it is.
I’ve always thought that cities, like humans, had a different character that could be captured in certain places and doing certain experiences.
So, in order to organize a tour of Modena made of 5 stops, I’ve tried to think about my city as a real person, whose character is composed of different personalities. Then, I tell you of 5 shades of Modena, 5 experiences that I had having a tour on my territory accompanied by the new T-Roc, in collaboration with Volkswagen MPS Car Modena. 

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Summer in Italy: 3 different ideas to enjoy Modena in this season

My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - August 10, 2017


If you are in Italy in summer, you have not to miss to come in Modena, my beautiful city 🙂
Modena is a lovely city in Emilia Romagna. You can find more details about it on my blog, so I suggest you to follow me 😉

As many Italian cities,  Modena in summer can be very warm and enjoy the visit in the urban area can be difficult. Therefore, sometimes, it could be a good idea to explore different alternatives in order to discover new places nearby. Modena has lovely neighborhoods to go to see.

In this article, I tell you 3 great ideas to enjoy your summer in Italy if you are near Modena!

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Ethnic restaurants in Modena: 8 cuisines to try

Bar and restaurants, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - April 9, 2017


I love to make experiments, especially when they are about food! When I travel, I like to know the places where I go also by tasting local specialties. Through food, in fact, you can get in touch with other cultures and learn so many things! Indeed, I like the idea of ​​eating in the ethnic restaurants of my city and when I find one I’ve never tried before, I can’t resist, I go! You can travel remaining sitting at your table 🙂
Ready to leave? Here we go!

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3 things to do in Modena in spring

My personal lists, Nature & Leisure, Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - March 20, 2017


Spring has arrived and with it the desire to revive public spaces, enjoying the open air during these beautiful sunny days.
This season (definitely my favorite to enjoy my city) brings with it a feeling of awakening, of rebirth, that you can breathe walking through the streets of Modena. Therefore, I’ve thought to tell you 3 things I love to do during springtime.

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Modena: 6 traditional restaurants where to eat at least once in your life

Bar and restaurants, Food & Drink, My personal lists, Non categorizzato - Stefania Fregni - December 21, 2016

ristoranti tipici modena MyModenaDiary

There are special places where to go at least once in your life… they are places to see, to live, to taste.
Every city has ones. They are not simply traditional restaurants in Modena, but they are commercial activities and people that did the story of the city telling its identity through the foods that every day come out from their kitchens.
I’ve collected them in this post because I think they deserve a special mention and a particular place in my heart 😉
These are 6 traditional restaurants in Modena centre where to eat at least once in your life.

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Christmas in Modena: 7 ideas to enjoy this season

My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - December 17, 2016


Time flies as usual and just a few days miss at Christmas. It seems yesterday that I wrote about Christmas in the city. Now, I am back again with a special blog post dedicated to this time of the year where I’ve collected some ideas to give you in order to live Christmas in Modena in the best way.

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Coffe time? Here there are 5 café where to drink a coffee in Modena center

Bar and restaurants, Food & Drink, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - June 19, 2016


There are some people who drink coffe only in the morning or after their lunch and those who drink it several times in a day. Who prefers drink a cup at home and who loves sitting in a coffee bar and have coffee reading the newspaper: in any way you prefer to drink it, coffee is a kind of ritual for Italian people! So, if you are in the centre of the city and you need a good cup of coffee, here there are 5 café to go 🙂

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Where to have an Italian aperitif in Modena center: 4 places that I love


I love Italian aperitifs 🙂
We call “aperitivo” a pre-dinner drink that “open” the palate and make us socialize, talk and relax with friends in a lovely place. I think that aperitifs should be organized every evenings, because they have the power to make you feel better!

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Waiting for Christmas: 3 shops in Modena center perfect for buying some presents

My personal lists, Shopping - Stefania Fregni - December 13, 2015

Christmas is coming and as it happens every year we faced the great dilemma regarding the presents choice. A classic story.
Someone is more provident and begins earlier, someone like me is inspired from the things that see inside the shop windows.
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