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by Stefania Fregni

Welcome to my blog about my beautiful city :) Follow the diary, I'll bring you ti discover Modena.

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A dive into the gastronomic tradition of our territory with Bottega Portici, the new Emilian casual food format

Collaborations, My Travels in Emilia - Stefania Fregni - July 30, 2018

Fresh pasta is a precious good, a tradition deeply rooted in our territory. It represents an art, the one of know-how but above all the one of the good life that characterizes our Emilia.
So, when projects that celebrate and export this way of being born, I am sincerely happy to support them. Recently I was guest at Bottega Portici, a new format of casual food that originates in Emilia-Romagna, that proposes quality and traditional food at the right price. Here, I tell you better what it is and I how was my experience.

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Along the Via Emilia: beyond the province of Modena to discover a territory

My Travels in Emilia - Stefania Fregni - July 24, 2018


When I think about the story that I can tell you on Modena, I often find myself immersed in a much larger ecosystem that goes beyond the city and its province. There are many situations connected together, all united by our being Emilian: an identity that is well explained simply thinking about the Via Emilia.

Localism apart, I do not think it is really possible to know a territory without taking a look at what is close to it: neighboring realities have often much in common to really make a clear distinction.
For this reason I would like to explain you here what represents this idea for me and how it can influence the story that I daily make on my city so much that I’ve decide to dedicate a new section on my blog called “Beyond Modena: along the Via Emilia”.

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Dopo il successo di A Tal Dég il "monopoly" di Modena,
è uscito Modena Quiz, il quiz su Modena
più avvincente che c'è!

Modena Quiz

Scopri chi è il più togo!

Giochi da tavola Modena

Scopri Modena insieme a me!

Si chiama Modena Like Me ed è la guida cartacea edita da Do It Human Editore in cui ho raccolto i miei consigli, i miei suggerimenti, le mie dritte, alcune foto e molto altro ancora per farti vivere la città da un punto di vista privilegiato, quello di chi la conosce e la vive!