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Welcome to my blog about my beautiful city :) Follow the diary, I'll bring you ti discover Modena.

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Where to have an Italian aperitif in Modena center: 3 places that I love


I love Italian aperitifs 🙂
We call “aperitivo” a pre-dinner drink that “open” the palate and make us socialize, talk and relax with friends in a lovely place. I think that aperitifs should be organized every evenings, because they have the power to make you feel better!

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The Historical Shops of Modena: a lovely tour between culture, values ​​and traditions

Bar and restaurants, Not to be missed, Shopping, Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - July 12, 2022


If it has happened or it will happen to you to go around Modena and you are a person that take care of details, you will not miss to see a sign located outside the windows of some shops, bars or restaurant, which over time has hit me. I’m talking about the signs where it was written: “Bottega Storica dell’Emilia Romagna” (The Historical Shop of Emilia Romagna), but what are they?

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Foliage in Modena: 4 places to dive into incredible autumn colors

Modena with children, Nature & Leisure, Not to be missed - Stefania Fregni - October 16, 2018


Autumn is the best time to enjoy warm colors, don’t you think so?
If I think about autumn, I immediately imagine the various shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Well, for me this is a season that kidnaps and gives you the opportunity to continue to go out, especially in sunny days, to admire the changing of nature… and the foliage is a wonderful sight!
Over time, I have identified my places to go in Modena and in its province, to dive myself into these wonderful visions and “fill up” with incredible autumn colors: here I tell you which are my 4 favorite places to admire this phenomenon!

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Estense Gallery in Modena: visiting one of the most important Italian National Galleries

Not to be missed, Tourist attractions and museums - Stefania Fregni - April 14, 2017


Estense Gallery in Modena is one of the oldest and most important National Galleries of Italy where the collection of arts of Este family, the dukes of the city, are exposed. A real gem, a place to get lost for few hours, admiring the magnificence of a past that has left its mark. This is a visit that I really loved and that gave me the opportunity to learn more about Este.
I’ll tell you then my experience between the rooms of one of the oldest and most important National Galleries of my country.

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Visiting the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Comunale in Modena

Not to be missed, Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - August 26, 2016

sale storiche palazzo comunale di Modena My Modena Diary

This was not the first time I visited the rooms of “Palazzo Comunale” (the City Hall of Modena). I was there in different occasions mostly celebratory and formal like weddings. Perhaps many people don’t know that it’s possible to visit these rooms almost every day of the week and the entrance is free. Therefore, a visit here is a “must” both for tourists and for citizens 🙂

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Luciano Pavarotti’s home museum: visiting Big Luciano’s home, the great Maestro of Modena

Not to be missed, Tourist attractions and museums - Stefania Fregni - January 16, 2016

I discovered the existence of Luciano Pavarotti’s home museum almost by chance. I was curious and I decided to visit it.

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So this is Christmas: Modena’s city lights

Not to be missed, Stories of Modena - Stefania Fregni - December 24, 2015


Christmas has arrived also this year bringing with him its magical atmosphere.

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A day at the Albinelli Market, the historical market of Modena

Food & Drink, Not to be missed, Shopping - Stefania Fregni - November 28, 2015

The Albinelli Market is absolutely one of the visits to do if you decide to come to Modena. It is one of my favorite places in the city that I try to visit as often as possible. Usually I go there on Saturday morning, when I have more time, both for shopping and for enjoying the magic atmosphere that you can breathe inside. This market is “the place” of tradition, where the Modenese values ​​of culture and gastronomy find their highest expression.

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Sai che esiste un "monopoly" di Modena?
Si chiama A Tal Dég e io sono una delle autrici!

A Tal Dég

Modena da Giocare

Scopri Modena insieme a me!

Si chiama Modena Like Me ed è la guida cartacea edita da Do It Human Editore in cui ho raccolto i miei consigli, i miei suggerimenti, le mie dritte, alcune foto e molto altro ancora per farti vivere la città da un punto di vista privilegiato, quello di chi la conosce e la vive!