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Welcome to my blog about my beautiful city :) Follow the diary, I'll bring you ti discover Modena.

Posts for Christmas in Modena

Christmas in Modena: 7 ideas to enjoy this season

My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - December 17, 2016


Time flies as usual and just a few days miss at Christmas. It seems yesterday that I wrote about Christmas in the city. Now, I am back again with a special blog post dedicated to this time of the year where I’ve collected some ideas to give you in order to live Christmas in Modena in the best way.

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Best wishes for a wonderful 2016 from My Modena Diary | Video

Stories of Modena, Video - Stefania Fregni - December 31, 2015

This is the first “change of year” for My Diary Modena since my blog was born in November (about two months… time goes by so quickly 😉 ).
For this special event, that marks a “new start” for a lot of things to do together, I thought to wish you “Happy New Year” in a particular way.

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So this is Christmas: Modena’s city lights

Not to be missed, Stories of Modena - Stefania Fregni - December 24, 2015


Christmas has arrived also this year bringing with him its magical atmosphere.

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Waiting for Christmas: 3 shops in Modena center perfect for buying some presents

My personal lists, Shopping - Stefania Fregni - December 13, 2015

Christmas is coming and as it happens every year we faced the great dilemma regarding the presents choice. A classic story.
Someone is more provident and begins earlier, someone like me is inspired from the things that see inside the shop windows.
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Dopo il successo di A Tal Dég il "monopoly" di Modena,
è uscito Modena Quiz, il quiz su Modena
più avvincente che c'è!

Modena Quiz

Scopri chi è il più togo!

Giochi da tavola Modena

Scopri Modena insieme a me!

Si chiama Modena Like Me ed è la guida cartacea edita da Do It Human Editore in cui ho raccolto i miei consigli, i miei suggerimenti, le mie dritte, alcune foto e molto altro ancora per farti vivere la città da un punto di vista privilegiato, quello di chi la conosce e la vive!