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by Stefania Fregni

Welcome to my blog about my beautiful city :) Follow the diary, I'll bring you ti discover Modena.

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Modena attractions: Modena Cathedral a unique architecture

Tourist attractions and museums - Stefania Fregni - August 29, 2019


Modena have many attractions: one of these is Modena Cathedral is one of those spectacular architectures that remains in your heart.
There is nothing to do: even if you’re a Modenese citizen passing in front of it a million of times in your life, every time is like the first and the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

Modena Cathedral is, in fact, not only an invaluable and unique example of Romanesque art in the world, but also a monument that still surprises for its beauty and its originality.

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Bucamante Waterfalls in Modena Apennines: a naturalistic oasis to visit

Modena with children, Nature & Leisure, Outdoor trips in Modena - Stefania Fregni - August 1, 2019


I often wonder if there are places where to spend some peaceful hours near Modena! Organizing an outdoor trip is a lovely pastime 🙂 When I fell that I would like to do that I immediately think to our beautiful Modena Apennines where it’s possible to find perfect places to live special moments of leisure. So, this summer I visited Bucamante Waterfalls near Serramazzoni, 30 minutes far from Modena. I tell you my experience.

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Modena Apennines: a beautiful excursion to Scaffaiolo Lake

Nature & Leisure, Outdoor trips in Modena - Stefania Fregni - July 18, 2017

Lago Scaffaiolo _ gite fuori porta Modena

I like mountain, I love the idea to feel surrounded by the nature and I feel regenerated by the good energy that it transmits. Although I often prefer the sea, an habitat where I feel really “at home”, I would like to discover more about it!
So, I thought to start with some places in our beautiful Modena Apennines, with an excursion, that I already did in the past, to Scaffaiolo Lake, starting from Capanno Tassoni and passing through the “Croce Arcana”. I tell you how it went!

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Estense Gallery in Modena: visiting one of the most important Italian National Galleries

Not to be missed, Tourist attractions and museums - Stefania Fregni - April 14, 2017


Estense Gallery in Modena is one of the oldest and most important National Galleries of Italy where the collection of arts of Este family, the dukes of the city, are exposed. A real gem, a place to get lost for few hours, admiring the magnificence of a past that has left its mark. This is a visit that I really loved and that gave me the opportunity to learn more about Este.
I’ll tell you then my experience between the rooms of one of the oldest and most important National Galleries of my country.

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Modena and its waterways: a charming blast from the past

Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - August 7, 2016


It’s incredible to think how Modena in the past was a city of waterways, like a little Venice!
A few time ago I made great tour following the route of the waterways that once flowed into the city.
I learned a lot of things that I want to tell you 🙂

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Luciano Pavarotti’s home museum: visiting Big Luciano’s home, the great Maestro of Modena

Not to be missed, Tourist attractions and museums - Stefania Fregni - January 16, 2016

I discovered the existence of Luciano Pavarotti’s home museum almost by chance. I was curious and I decided to visit it.

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A day at the Albinelli Market, the historical market of Modena

Food & Drink, Not to be missed, Shopping - Stefania Fregni - November 28, 2015

The Albinelli Market is absolutely one of the visits to do if you decide to come to Modena. It is one of my favorite places in the city that I try to visit as often as possible. Usually I go there on Saturday morning, when I have more time, both for shopping and for enjoying the magic atmosphere that you can breathe inside. This market is “the place” of tradition, where the Modenese values ​​of culture and gastronomy find their highest expression.

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