My digital diary about Modena

by Stefania Fregni

Welcome to my blog about my beautiful city :) Follow the diary, I'll bring you ti discover Modena.


The 10 best hotels in Modena: my selection

My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - August 19, 2021

Hotel Modena

If you are planning your visit in Modena and you are going to stay for more than one day, the choice of the hotel is undoubtedly of primary importance. In this article you find my selection of 10 best Hotels in Modena city.

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The Big Bench in Modena: what it represents and how to reach it

Outdoor trips in Modena - Stefania Fregni - August 13, 2021

big bench modena prignano sulla secchia

Imagine finding yourself in front of a colorful giant bench over two meters high and located in a unique panoramic point.
Imagine sitting and stopping for a while to admire what surrounds you listening only to the voice of the wind and to the buzz of insects.
Welcome to Monte Pedrazzo, at an altitude of 870 meters, in Prignano sulla Secchia where it is located the Big Bench in Modena.

But what are Big Benches and how could you reach the one situated in the Modena?
In this article I’ll tell you everything!

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10 outdoor trips in Modena you have to plan

Nature & Leisure, Outdoor trips in Modena - Stefania Fregni - August 9, 2021

Among rivers, waterfalls, nature reserves, lakes and big benches, here you find 10 outdoor trips in the province of Modena that you have to put on your agenda during your stay!

Finally here we are… the summer is about to begin and the desire to go out and enjoying the nature is great, isn’t it? We really needed it, I know!

So let’s start this new season with some ideas for pleasant outdoor trips.

Ready to go?

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Gourmet burgers in Modena: 10 places to eat this speciality

Food & Drink, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - August 6, 2021


Lately I’m obsessed by the burgers! 😉 Probably the reason is to be found in my decision to write this article on this matter or because burgers are always very appetizing. In recent months, I have collected different lunches and dinners in some different places of the city where it’s possible to eat this lovely dish. Here, you can find the result of my “hard” work (;)): my list of 10 places where to eat gourmet burgers in Modena.

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Where to have an Italian aperitif in Modena center: 4 places that I love

Bar and restaurants, Food & Drink, My personal lists, Not to be missed - Stefania Fregni - August 3, 2021


I love Italian aperitifs 🙂
We call “aperitivo” a pre-dinner drink that “open” the palate and make us socialize, talk and relax with friends in a lovely place. I think that aperitifs should be organized every evenings, because they have the power to make you feel better!

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Romantic restaurants in Modena: 7 (+1) places to impress

Bar and restaurants, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - February 8, 2021

Who knows how many times you have tried to think of the right place to bring your sweetheart for a romantic lunch or dinner! I guess many 🙂 Especially at this particular time of year… when Valentine’s Day is coming.  Don’t worry, if you are in Modena and you don’t have ideas where to go, you can find in this article 7 (+ 1) proposals perfect to impress the person you love.

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Modena: 6 traditional restaurants where to eat at least once in your life

Bar and restaurants, Food & Drink, My personal lists, Stories of Modena - Stefania Fregni - December 22, 2019

ristoranti tipici modena MyModenaDiary

There are special places where to go at least once in your life… they are places to see, to live, to taste.
Every city has ones. They are not simply traditional restaurants in Modena, but they are commercial activities and people that did the story of the city telling its identity through the foods that every day come out from their kitchens.
I’ve collected them in this post because I think they deserve a special mention and a particular place in my heart 😉
These are 6 traditional restaurants in Modena centre where to eat at least once in your life.

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The Historical Shops of Modena: a lovely tour between culture, values ​​and traditions

Bar and restaurants, Not to be missed, Shopping, Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - September 2, 2019


If it has happened or it will happen to you to go around Modena and you are a person that take care of details, you will not miss to see a sign located outside the windows of some shops, bars or restaurant, which over time has hit me. I’m talking about the signs where it was written: “Bottega Storica dell’Emilia Romagna” (The Historical Shop of Emilia Romagna), but what are they?

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A day at the river park of Marano

Modena with children, Nature & Leisure, Outdoor trips in Modena - Stefania Fregni - September 1, 2019

Well you know, the good weather leads us to spend time outdoors, especially in the summer, when we often look for places where to relax and to find coolness. From this point of view, Modena offers several opportunities! One of these (and not too far from the center) is the river park of Marano, a place that I have often frequented when I was a teenager and where I’ve recently come back. I’ll tell you something more.

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What to see in Modena in a day: the centre, the museums, where to eat and other local tips

Suggested Tours - Stefania Fregni - August 31, 2019


Every time I visit a new city I always start from its centre. If you have limits of time, you have to choose from where to begin and I think that starting from the “heart” of the urban realities is always a good idea. It’s the best way to keep in touch with their spirit.
People who don’t know my city probably will ask themselves: “what to see in Modena in a day?”
Therefore, if you decide to come to Modena for a day, I suggest you to focus on the historical centre: savoring its atmosphere and enjoying the authenticity of the everyday life.

This article collects some good ideas to organize your perfect tour around the centre of Modena. In this post, then, you will find links to deepen the different subjects. My goal is to update regularly this mini-guide with all the possible suggestions that come to my mind in order to make your visit become special.

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Modena attractions: Modena Cathedral a unique architecture

Tourist attractions and museums - Stefania Fregni - August 29, 2019


Modena have many attractions: one of these is Modena Cathedral is one of those spectacular architectures that remains in your heart.
There is nothing to do: even if you’re a Modenese citizen passing in front of it a million of times in your life, every time is like the first and the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

Modena Cathedral is, in fact, not only an invaluable and unique example of Romanesque art in the world, but also a monument that still surprises for its beauty and its originality.

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Grandma’s Tortellini

Food & Drink, Stories of Modena - Stefania Fregni - August 21, 2019


When, in 2015, I wrote this article, I felt I was very fond of it right away. Reasons are many. First of all, because these few lines are dedicated to my lovely grandmother Anna, who passed away in May 2018, but at the time of the writing was 96 year old. She was a special woman who, despite the passing of time, has made everything to respect the good habits of the traditional “rezdora” (a Modenese word to indicate a sort of “queen of the house”). Then, because I will tell you about Tortellini (those of my grandmother) a food that Modenese people have written in their DNA and that represents the tradition especially in this festive period 🙂

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Bucamante Waterfalls in Modena Apennines: a naturalistic oasis to visit

Modena with children, Nature & Leisure, Outdoor trips in Modena - Stefania Fregni - August 1, 2019


I often wonder if there are places where to spend some peaceful hours near Modena! Organizing an outdoor trip is a lovely pastime 🙂 When I fell that I would like to do that I immediately think to our beautiful Modena Apennines where it’s possible to find perfect places to live special moments of leisure. So, this summer I visited Bucamante Waterfalls near Serramazzoni, 30 minutes far from Modena. I tell you my experience.

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Ethnic restaurants in Modena: 8 cuisines to try

Bar and restaurants, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - July 7, 2019


I love to make experiments, especially when they are about food! When I travel, I like to know the places where I go also by tasting local specialties. Through food, in fact, you can get in touch with other cultures and learn so many things! Indeed, I like the idea of ​​eating in the ethnic restaurants of my city and when I find one I’ve never tried before, I can’t resist, I go! You can travel remaining sitting at your table 🙂
Ready to leave? Here we go!

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Coffe time? Here there are 5 café where to drink a coffee in Modena center

Bar and restaurants, Food & Drink, My personal lists - Stefania Fregni - May 28, 2019


Some people prefer drink coffe only in the morning or after their lunch, others several times during the day. Then, there is who prefers drink its cup at home and who loves sitting in a café and have coffee reading the newspaper: in any way you love to drink it, coffee is a kind of ritual for Italian people! So, if you are in the centre of the city and you need a good cup of coffee, I write you about 5 café in Modena to go 🙂

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